Our Mission: Christian Haitian Outreach is a multifaceted ministry reaching out to heal, educate, feed and house the hurting children of Haiti. We are dedicated to:

  • Providing total health, education, and welfare care for each child;

  • Being an orphanage or children’s agency for Haitian children;

  • Finding sponsors and finding parents to adopt these children when possible;

  • Evangelizing the country of Haiti;    

  • Winning souls, providing Christian education, training, and discipleship programs for the Haitian Christians, both leadership and laity.

Our Vision: Create a nurturing  supportive environment of excellence that meets the spiritual, emotional, educational and social needs of Haitian orphans.

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Eleanor "Mom" Workman 
Founder & President Emeritus  

Founded by Eleanor "Mom" Workman in 1974, Christian Haitian Outreach supports the children, orphans and the poor of Haiti.  Mom Workman is now 93 years old and still singing strong and praising the Lord.

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PHONE: 305-385-6881
FAX: 305-385-6889
EMAIL: office@choinc.org